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Parent and Coach Tips of the Week
Apr 23, 2015  9:57 AM
Parent Tip of the Week - Talk with your child about his goals and how sports may help him achieve them. Recognize that your goals for his sports experience may not be the same as his. Support him in striving to reach his goals. If the goals are all about skills or results, remind your child that "having fun" should be at the top of the list.

Coach Tip of the Week - Help your players establish and strive for stretch goals. Stretch goals are just beyond a player's reach but can be achieved with effort over time. The best stretch goals are set by the players themselves.

Tips are brought to you by Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive!

New Screening Instructions
Apr 6, 2015  10:22 AM
Effective immediately, CAHA has updated the official screening policy, as well as implemented new instructions for completing the online screening process. Please see the "Screening Program" link to this website for more information and the link to complete the screening process. Read More >>

Nominations for CAHA Directors
Apr 4, 2015  7:21 PM
Attached is the nomination form for CAHA directors for two (2) year term beginning May 30, 2015. Any person interested in serving as a CAHA Director shall be eligible for election providing they are in good standing with both USA Hockey and CAHA. Nominations must be submitted by April 30, 2015 via:

E-mail: dimivoul@pacbell.net
Regular mail: Rosemary Voulelikas - CAHA Secretary: 425 Washington Street, El Segundo, CA 90245 Read More >>

2015 CAHA State Champions
Mar 29, 2015  5:31 PM
CONGRATULATIONS to the following 2015 CAHA State Champions:
Tier I:
Midget 18U - Ontario Avalanche
Midget 16U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks
Midget 16U Minor - L.A. Jr. Kings
Bantam - Anaheim Jr. Ducks
Bantam Minor - L.A. Jr. Kings
PeeWee - Anaheim Jr. Ducks

High School - Orange Lutheran Lancers

Tier II:
Midget 18U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks
Midget 16U - OC Hockey(1)
Bantam - OC Hockey(1)
PeeWee - San Diego Jr. Gulls

Midget 18U - Tri-Valley Blue Devils
Midget 16U - California Wave
Bantam A - Fresno Monsters
Bantam B - Tri-Valley Blue Devils
PeeWee A - Vacaville Jets
PeeWee B - San Diego Saints
Squirt A - Tri-Valley Blue Devils
Squirt B - San Diego Oilers

Elite -
Advance -
Intermediate -
Novice -
Beginner -
Over 50 -
Womens Open -
Womens Novice -

Play Positive Fundamentals - Rivalry Is No Excuse: Practice Good Sportsmanship From The Stands
Mar 20, 2015  10:04 AM
In a recent high school basketball game in Texas, the fans of the home team stood up and turned their backs to the court at the students of the opposing team were introduced. The photo was posted to Facebook and shared by the local TV station, garnering hundreds of comments and shares. The TV station even interviewed parents from both sides to get their take, asking: "Rivalry joke or bad sportsmanship?" Would you be surprised to learn that parents and students alike weren't sure if this was bad sportsmanship? Read More >>

14U/16U - Navigating Nutrition
Mar 24, 2015  7:39 AM
Dave Ellis, a longtime sports dietician who helped USA Hockey develop nutrition guidelines for youth players, parents and coaches, says there are preventative measures that can help growing 14U/16U players thrive during what can be a difficult time of the season. Read More >>

8U - Stuff Thats NOT Hockey
Mar 13, 2015  11:04 AM
Here are some fun on-ice games as an alternative to traditional hockey drills. It's a way to not only keep 8U players engaged, but also help them develop motor skills, coordination and athleticism. Read More >>

CONGRATULATIONS Pacific District Champions from California!
Mar 13, 2015  10:29 AM
14U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks
14U Girls - Anaheim Lady Ducks
16U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks
16U Girls - California Wave
18U - Ontario Avalanche

Good luck to the teams as they now advance to Nationals, including the 19U Lady Ducks!

Coaching News - Winning Battles Essential to Winning Games
Mar 29, 2015  12:41 PM
Every goal scored in a hockey game, no matter the level, stems from the two or three plays that came just before it. Frequently, these plays come in the form of puck battles along the wall or in the corners or other 1-on-1 situations that determine outcomes. But how do coaches inspire their players to give 100 percent in 1-on-1 battles? How do they convey the importance of 1-on-1s to kids? Read More >>

California High School Teams to Compete in America’s Showcase
Jan 31, 2015  11:38 AM
California Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) and the 2015 Team California coaching staff are excited to announce the high school rosters that will compete in the 2015 America’s Showcase. With the growth of high school hockey in the state of California, the tournament organizing committee has permitted CAHA to participate with 2 teams in this year’s event. The Anaheim Ducks High School Hockey League (ADHSHL) and the Northern California High School Hockey League (NCHSHL) have combined efforts in putting together an elite group of high school student-athletes to compete in this prestigious national event being held at the Robert Morris University Island Sports Center, April 9 – 13, 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA. Read More >>

NHL Analytics of Tracking 8U Hockey Players
Jan 31, 2015  11:39 AM
Watch the following clip to see real statistics prepared by the NHL on the 8U Model from the ADM. Read More >>

12U - Perfections Curse
Sep 17, 2014  9:07 AM
What can be done about youth players who are consumed by perfection at a young age? When Bob Deraney heard the question, the longtime Providence College women's hockey head coach was taken aback. "Can you believe what you just said?" Deraney asked. "That 12-year-olds are worried about being perfect?" Read More >>

Adult Hockey - How to Handle the Goons
Nov 17, 2014  1:43 PM
The question was posed innocently enough to a longtime adult league director: "Are there goons in your league?" The good news is that the vast majority of leagues feel they have the problem of goonish players under control, and many league directors agree things have improved with increased discipline both at individual league and USA Hockey-wide levels. Here are some ways to monitor behavior and keep your league fun, safe and goon-free. Read More >>

Sled Hockey Update
Oct 1, 2014  9:06 AM
The San Diego Ducks had an incredible sled hockey practice this past Sunday with two more new players and a handful of new volunteers. Some of the volunteers got in sleds for the first time and tried to keep up with our team players who are improving every week. We focused on skating and small space drills and ended with a 5 on 6 scrimmage where we learned we need to work on spreading out, creating space, and passing. Check the "More" link for video.

In other great news, we were approved for the USA Hockey Sled Grant for 5 sleds, we submitted our application for the USA Hockey Pacific District Growth and Development (Robert Freeland) Grant, and we are sending our new goalie to the Sled Hockey Goalie Camp in Fort Wayne, IN on October 10-12. We already have two new players signed up to try sled hockey at our next practice, and if we have enough players and fundraising we may attend the NHL Sled Hockey Classic representing the Anaheim Ducks this November. However, our main focus is to register as many attendees for our Sled Hockey Clinic as possible and to prepare for the Disabled Hockey Festival in April 2015 with a few scrimmages or games before then.

For more information on the program and upcoming events, please contact:

Sarah Bettencourt
Director, San Diego Ducks Sled Hockey
Adaptive Sports and Recreation Association
(443) 994-0407

2014-15 CAHA Rules Update
May 10, 2014  12:18 PM
On May 3, 2014, the CAHA Board of Directors approved certain updated rules for the 2014-15 season. The updates can be found on the following link. Read More >>

USA Hockey Rule 411 - Progressive Suspensions for the 2014-15 Playing Season
Feb 16, 2014  10:02 AM
USA Hockey is committed to providing a safe and fair environment for all participants. While the vast majority of players participate within the rules and respect the game and their opponents, USA Hockey recognizes the need to hold those players and coaches deemed to be repeat offenders accountable for their actions. Beginning with the 2014-15 playing season, the Progressive Suspensions rule will take affect nationally. Read More >>

Apr 24, 2015  1:55 PM
In preparation for the upcoming 2014-2015 season, Youth Council would like to inform you of recent changes to the CAHA guidelines that were voted in at the CAHA Board of Directors’ Meeting held on January 25, 2014.

Tier Youth Hockey:
Beginning in the 2014-2015 season, all clubs wishing to field a Tier I youth team must satisfy the following criteria before they will be permitted to field a Tier I youth team:
1. Clubs must have a Tier II youth feeder program in place in both the current and prior season.
2. Clubs must field a Tier II youth team at the same age division as the Tier I youth team in the current season and must have fielded a Tier II youth team at the same division in the prior season except for the Midget 18U division.
3. Only one Tier I youth team at each age division, unless the second Tier I youth team is a minor birth year team and the minor birth year Tier I youth team must participate in the CAHA Minor Division, if there is one.
4. Minor birth year Tier I youth teams must follow CAHA guidelines as set forth in the CAHA guidebook.
5. Clubs may only field two Tier II youth teams at each age division and must follow existing standards and rules regarding feeder programs for Youth Tier II teams.

Any questions, please contact a Youth Council member.

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