May 26, 2017

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Tier II changes for the 2017-18 Season
Apr 26, 2017  11:51 AM
Dear CAHA Associations and Members,

In a continual effort to improve our league the CAHA Board of Directors appointed a special Tier Committee to assess the Tier II (AA) division in hopes of improving competitiveness and address ongoing concerns of our membership. Based on their recent proposal, the CAHA Board of Directors voted in favor of the below changes Tier II for the 2017/2018 season.

All teams that wish to declare 12u, 14u or 16u Tier II (AA) must attend the CAHA Labor Day Jamboree in San Jose, CA September 1-4, 2017. Teams may also be required to participate in 2 weeks of local ‘pre-season’ games. Following evaluations teams will be placed accordingly as follows:
1. Placed in top flight of division
2. Placed in bottom flight of division
3. Removed from the Tier II division (dropped to "A")

All teams shall play each team within their respective flight during CAHA mandated weekends.

At the conclusion of the regular season, the 1st place team in the top flight will automatically advance to State Championships. Playdowns will include the 2nd - 8th place teams in the top flight. The top team in the bottom flight will have a chance to compete for the final playdown spot.

Additional details will be available following the June CAHA Board of Directors meeting.

All Tier II teams must meet the feeder and PDR requirements as previously set forth by the CAHA Board of Directors. These changes do not include the 18u division.

We hope this information helps prepare your organization for the upcoming tryouts and teams declarations. Please feel free to contact your local league President or myself, Laura Cahn, with questions.

2017-18 Rules Changes
Mar 3, 2017  2:21 PM
Please follow the link below to the "Guidebook" page of this website which will take you to a link of a summary of the notable rule changes as approved by the CAHA Board of Directors, and shall be in effect for the upcoming 2017/2018 season. The rules, in their entirety, will be released shortly. The summary does not reflect all the changes, only those necessary for immediate release. Questions can be sent to Youth Council Chairperson, Laura Cahn, via email at Read More >>

The Race to Nowhere in Youth Sports
May 17, 2017  6:14 PM
“My 4th grader tried to play basketball and soccer last year,” a mom recently told me as we sat around the dinner table after one of my speaking engagements. “It was a nightmare. My son kept getting yelled at by both coaches as we left one game early to race to a game in the other sport. He hated it.”

“I know,” said another. “My 10 year old daughter’s soccer coach told her she had to pick one sport, and start doing additional private training on the side, or he would give away her spot on the team.” Read More >>

Adult Hockey - Why Hockey is the Best Workout
May 17, 2017  1:32 PM
If you think you're in pretty good shape – or even if you know you're not – it's possible to step into, say, a touch football game or a casual softball game without completely embarrassing yourself or winding up on the couch for a week with myriad pulled muscles. But if you want an honest assessment of your current fitness level, try jumping into a hockey game. Why exactly is hockey the best workout? Read More >>

Coaching News - Get it, protect it, keep it: Denver's culture of puck pursuit and possession
May 13, 2017  9:27 PM
No college hockey team chased down and owned the puck quite like the University of Denver. Head coach Jim Montgomery reveals the Pioneers' strategy to cultivate this mindset and culture. Read More >>

10U - Developing the never-quit mentality
May 3, 2017  1:36 PM
There's a YouTube video of 12-year-old Aybatyr Myrzabae competing with teammates in a tug-of-war competition that has racked up an incredible number of worldwide views. Who wouldn't want this kid on their team? How can we as parents and coaches nurture our children to develop these intangibles? Read More >>

14U/16U - Optimize your offseason
May 1, 2017  11:32 AM
As players progress through the ranks, they face more and more pressure to be inside an ice arena more often. At 14U/16U, players are looking at summer showcases and other offseason events, trying to decide what's best for their futures. Union head coach Rick Bennett reminds players and parents what really interests college coaches – and it's not summer showcases. Read More >>

12U - What were Olympians doing at age 12?
Apr 27, 2017  4:16 PM
If the stereotypical image of an Olympic athlete is that of someone who has toiled for almost an entire lifetime, from a very young age, to hone his or her particular craft by training in one sport year-round, the athletes themselves would like to set the record straight. Chris Snyder of the USOC's Coaching Education Program helps shed more light on long-term development. Read More >>

8U - Developing speed at 8U and beyond
Apr 26, 2017  3:53 PM
The concept of a "window of trainability" might sound advanced, but at the end of the day, it comes down to common sense and science. Scott Paluch, an ADM regional manager since 2009, helps explain two of the most important windows of trainability: the two windows for maximizing speed training. Read More >>

2017 CAHA State Champions
May 17, 2017  6:04 PM
CONGRATULATIONS to the following 2017 CAHA State Champions:
Tier I:
Midget 18U - L.A. Jr. Kings
Midget 16U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks
Midget 15 - L.A. Jr. Kings
Bantam - S.D. Jr. Gulls
Bantam Minor - S.J. Jr. Sharks
PeeWee - Anaheim Jr. Ducks
PeeWee Minor - L.A. Jr. Kings

High School - Santa Margarita Eagles

Tier II:
Midget 18U - GSE Eagles
Midget 16U - Santa Clara Blackhawks
Bantam - Calif. Golden Bears
PeeWee - Calif. Wave(1)

Bantam A - Calif. Wave(3)
Bantam B - Lake Tahoe Grizzlies
PeeWee A - Lake Tahoe Grizzlies
PeeWee BB - S.F. Sabercats
PeeWee B - Tri-Valley Blue Devils
Squirt A - San Diego Jr. Gulls
Squirt BB - San Jose Jr. Sharks
Squirt B - L.A. Jr. Kings(2)

Playing it Safe - Player safety and the culture of playing through pain
Mar 4, 2017  4:53 PM
Staying in the game, playing through the pain. It's a trait valued in the top professional leagues, but if we're not careful as parents and coaches, it can send the wrong message to our younger players who are still learning the game. Read More >>

Message from the President regarding Tier I Selections
Jan 31, 2017  10:33 AM
Per the Tier 1 Policy set forth by the CAHA Board of Directors on January 23, 2016, I would like to report the following Associations will be recognized as Tier 1 Programs through our affiliate, and USA Hockey for the 2017-18 season. Congratulations to the following:

11AAA (Minor) - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Jose Jr. Sharks

12U (Major) - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks

13AAA (Minor) - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks

14U (Major) - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks

15AAA - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks

16U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks, Titans

18U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Jose Jr. Sharks, Titans, Wildcats

Congratulations to the successful applicants!
Tom Hancock

An Open Letter from the Backseat
Feb 1, 2017  7:57 AM
Dear Mom and Dad I wanted to start this letter by saying I love you, and I know you mean well. I appreciate all the time and energy you put into taking me to my games and practices, and I know you sacrifice a lot to do it. I also appreciate when you try to help me get better by pointing out the things I do wrong because I know you know a lot about soccer. But we really need to talk about the ride home after games. Read More >>

Team Up - Speak Up to Fight Concussions
Sep 10, 2016  9:31 AM
CAHA is pleased to announce we have joined the TEAM UP SPEAK UP movement to fight concussions as a state affiliate! Click the following link for more information. Read More >>

New Screening Instructions
Apr 6, 2015  1:22 PM
Effective immediately, CAHA has updated the official screening policy, as well as implemented new instructions for completing the online screening process. Please see the "Screening Program" link to this website for more information and the link to complete the screening process. Read More >>

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