May 30, 2016

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2016 CAHA State Champions
Apr 25, 2016  10:56 AM
CONGRATULATIONS to the following 2016 CAHA State Champions:
Tier I:
Midget 18U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks
Midget 16U - Anaheim Jr. Ducks(1)
Bantam - Anaheim Jr. Ducks
Bantam Minor - Anaheim Jr. Ducks
PeeWee - L.A. Jr. Kings
PeeWee Minor - L.A. Jr. Kings

High School - Orange Lutheran Lancers

Tier II:
Midget 18U - Golden State Elite Eagles
Midget 16U - OC Hockey(1)
Bantam - Anaheim Jr. Ducks(1)
PeeWee - Golden State Elite Eagles

Midget 18U - Tri-Valley Blue Devils
Midget 16U - San Jose Jr. Sharks
Bantam A - Capital Thunder
Bantam B - Santa Rosa Flyers
PeeWee A - Channel Islands Riptide
PeeWee B - Santa Rosa Flyers
Squirt A - San Jose Jr. Sharks
Squirt BB - Jr. Ice Dogs
Squirt B - Desert Blaze

Elite - Flakes
Intermediate - Integral Hockey Leafs
Novice - Towelies
Advanced Beginner - Iceholics
Senior Advanced Beginner - Wolves
Over 50 - Jokers Wild
Womens Open - Left Sharks
Womens Novice - SJ Burninators
Womens Intermediate - Pandora Artemis

Message from the President regarding Tier I Selections
May 9, 2016  11:46 AM
Per our new Tier 1 Policy set forth by the CAHA Board of Directors on January 23, 2016, I would like to report the following Associations will be recognized as Tier 1 Programs through our affiliate, and USA Hockey. Congratulations to the following:

11U (Minor) Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Jose Jr. Sharks

12U (Major) Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks

13U (Minor) Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks

14U (Major) Anaheim Jr. Ducks, California Wave, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks

15U (Minor) Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Golden State Eagles, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Jose Jr. Sharks

16U (Major) Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Jose Jr. Sharks, Titans, Wildcats Hockey

18U Anaheim Jr. Ducks, California Wave, Los Angeles Jr. Kings, San Jose Jr. Sharks, Titans

Congratulations to the successful applicants! I appreciate the time and effort members put into this process as we reviewed 34 different applications varying at every age level. This is a positive direction for California Hockey and we look forward to a successful season in 2016-2017.
Steve Laing

New Tier I and Tier II Requirements for 2016/17
Apr 4, 2016  1:52 PM
On January 23, 2016, the CAHA Board of Directors approved changes for participation in Tier 1 commencing with the next season, 2016/17, as well as a change to the minimum PDR requirement for Tier 2. Details of the changes can be found on the "Policies" link to this website under the sub-link titled "Application for Tier I Inclusion." Please note the requirements and deadlines which are to be adhered to, and that application for Tier 1 for next season must be submitted to Youth Council by the specified deadline of February 15, 2016. In addition, the Board also added a provision that there will be up to a maximum of five (5) teams per age division.

With regard to the new Tier I and Tier II PDR (Player Development Requirement) for the upcoming 2016-17 Season, please note the following:

1. For the 2016-17 season only, a player's PDR will count at either their 2014-15 club or their 2015-16 club.

2. The 25% PDR requirement for Tier I is new to Tier I and applies to the 2016-17 Season, then increases to 50% in the 2017-18 season forward.

3. The PDR for Tier II is now increased starting the upcoming 2016-17 Season to 50% and going forward.

Seventh Annual Adult Tournament
Jan 8, 2016  8:32 PM
The Seventh Annual CAHA Adult State Hockey Tournament will be held April 22-24 in San Jose. Please check the "Adult Hockey" link on this web page for more information and registration instructions. Read More >>

2016 Annual America’s Showcase National Hockey Tournament
Feb 11, 2016  10:32 AM
California Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) is excited to announce that California will be sending two teams of High School ice hockey players to participate in the 2016 Annual America’s Showcase National Hockey Tournament. Tryouts have concluded and the teams selected. Please click the following link for more information. Read More >>

2016 CAHA Boys Select Camp
Jan 27, 2016  1:02 PM
2016 CAHA Select Camp selections have been made and are now posted. Click on the "Boys Camp" link for more information. Read More >>

2016 CAHA Girls Select Camp
Jan 27, 2016  1:02 PM
2016 CAHA Girls Select Camp selections have been made and are now posted. Click on the "Girls Camp" link for more information. Read More >>

Fundamentals - Encourage Leadership from Everyone
Nov 18, 2015  8:22 AM
You don't need to be a Captain to be a Leader

Leadership. When we think about the life lessons that our kids can learn from youth sports, we oftentimes cite "leadership." Many kids - and adults- think that being a leader means being captain. But in fact some of the best leaders in sports have not worn the C on their uniform instead leading in the locker room, at practice, and in critical game moments. Rather than one star player leading the MLS New York City Red Bulls this season, a "leadership council" exists with captain Dax McCarty, goalkeeper Luis Robles and midfielder Lloyd Sam joined by six other veterans to take on leadership roles. "All of us see ourselves on the same level in terms of our leadership and our abilities and our roles," said McCarty. So far, the leadership council has taken the Red Bulls to the top of the Eastern Conference standings. Read More >>

Inaugural Recipients of CAHA Director Emeritus
Sep 12, 2015  5:06 PM
All of us at CAHA would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ed Tar and Charles Fuertsch for their 15+ years of service and dedication to the California hockey community!! The ongoing support and multitude of hours of volunteer work each has provided demonstrates their significant commitment to the game of hockey, and to all the members and players in the State, and beyond to all of USA Hockey.

CAHA is pleased to select Ed and Charles as the inaugural recipients of the Director Emeritus of CAHA! We are honored to have them in our fold, and look forward to many more continued years of support and input from each of them. CONGRATULATIONS Ed and Charles!

Play Positive Fundamentals - Respecting Officials
Jun 18, 2015  9:59 AM
As Draymond Green of the NBA's Golden State Warriors yelled "And One!" and his layup scored, his teammate, Shaun Livingston, patted his head, mimicking the foul he felt was committed against Green. Livingston was immediately assessed a technical foul: arguing calls. MLB Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price approached the umpire to present the lineup card for the night and found himself ejected before the first pitch had even been called: Price was arguing balls and strikes from the game the night before. Whether it's players or coaches, professional leagues have instituted rules to set boundaries around behavior directed at umpires, officials and referees. Read More >>

New Screening Instructions
Apr 6, 2015  10:22 AM
Effective immediately, CAHA has updated the official screening policy, as well as implemented new instructions for completing the online screening process. Please see the "Screening Program" link to this website for more information and the link to complete the screening process. Read More >>

USA Hockey Rule 411 - Progressive Suspensions for the 2014-15 Playing Season
Mar 24, 2016  3:52 PM
USA Hockey is committed to providing a safe and fair environment for all participants. While the vast majority of players participate within the rules and respect the game and their opponents, USA Hockey recognizes the need to hold those players and coaches deemed to be repeat offenders accountable for their actions. Beginning with the 2014-15 playing season, the Progressive Suspensions rule will take affect nationally. Read More >>

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