Aug 21, 2019

Developed by
Chris Carcerano

CAHA Tier II Weekends

Dates/Possible Venues

Date Venue Venue Venue Venue
Oct. 4-6 Riverside Valencia Vacaville Irvine
Nov. 8-10 Lakewood Valencia Vacaville *Anaheim Ice
Dec. 13-15 KHS Valencia Riverside Irvine
Jan. 3-5 KHS Lakewood *Vacaville Valencia
Feb. 7-9 San Jose *Simi Valley KHS Escondido and Valencia
Feb. 22-23 Mandatory Playin Weekend
Feb. 28 - Mar. 1 Playdowns

* = small event, approx 16 games

Divisions will be assigned to venues following the conclusion of the Tier II Evaluation Weekend.


Following is a listing or link to potential hotels for CAHA Weekends. Please note that these hotels are NOT mandatory (except for "Playdowns" and "Playoffs") and are provided for referenece only. Teams are free to book any hotel at any location they so choose.