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CAHA Concussion Information Page

Updated November 19, 2019

Changes to Concussion Protocol effective 2018-19 Season

As part of the national concussion protocol, USA Hockey has instituted a required signature acknowledgement at the time of membership registration for all participants. Due to this welcome development, Pacific District affiliates will no longer need to collect signed copies of the Parent and Coach Concussion Acknowledgement Forms.

However, the Pacific District still has a basic Statement of Protocol in place, and every state has different concussion protocol and return to participation legislation that must be implemented and followed. Where more stringent, the District protocol will be followed.

Listed below are the components of the updated Concussion Protocol in California:
• Pacific District Statement of Concussion Protocol: All affiliates of the Pacific District will use this protocol as a baseline, in addition to any more stringent components required by individual state legislation.
• Legislative requirements (State of CA Health and Safety Code 124235):
   o Parent education and acknowledgement: Met by the USA Hockey acknowledgement
   o Coach education and acknowledgement: Met by the Coaching Education Program in tandem with the USA Hockey acknowledgement
   o Association Administrator education and acknowledgement (all volunteers, locker room monitors, Board members, anyone serving a role in the organization): These participants should all be registered members of USA Hockey (as volunteers). Every volunteer should have a USA Hockey membership number. If they do, then the USA Hockey acknowledgement covers this requirement. If they do not, then the organization is responsible for providing them with education and obtaining a signed acknowledgement (available on the Pacific District Website).
   o Athlete Education: All athletes are required to receive concussion education ANNUALLY and acknowledge it with a signature prior to the start of participation. There are forms available on the Pacific District Website (under Educational Materials) for athletes of all ages that can easily be printed, distributed, signed and returned. The Club (not the team) must keep these signed forms in the athlete’s files for the duration of that season.

For more information, tools or resources, please refer to the Pacific District Concussion Protocol page:  For questions, please email Jaime Campbell:

Educational Materials:

We are all responsible for athlete safety. Educating CAHA’s membership is also important - athletes, coaches, parents, managers, volunteers and leadership need to understand the importance of being able to recognize the symptoms of a concussion and to take the appropriate next steps.

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