Dec 08, 2016

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CAHA Concussion Information Page

Did You Know: In the 2012-13 season, CAHA became the first affiliate of USA Hockey to implement state-wide concussion protocal.

This mandatory protocol is a critical component of CAHA's commitment to educating their membership - players, coaches, parents, managers, volunteers and leadership - about the importance of being able to recognize the symptoms of a concission.

Player Safety Comes First Update!

We are all responsible for player safety. Recognizing a concussion is the first step to ensuring a complete recovery, and safe return to the ice.

The CAHA Concussion Clearance Form

The CAHA Concussion Clearance Form should be use each time a player is removed from play for a concussion evaluation. This form should be completed by the medical professional caring for the player, and kept in the player's club records once they are cleared to resume particiation.

For more information, facts and discussion documentation, please take the time to read, review and view the following additional items:

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