Aug 18, 2022

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CAHA Screening Program

Updated 9/16/20

Note: The state affiliate (CAHA) no longer has access to background screening applications. All questions about a submitted application must be emailed to:, or call 866-996-7412, and select option 2 for client services.

Note: This page addresses Background Screening only. For SafeSport information, refer to the SafeSport Section of this Website.

Effective with the 2020-2021 season, USA Hockey has transitioned to a national background screening program with NCSI.

Background Screening Process:

• Screenings are now part of the USA Hockey registration process, not the state affiliate.

• Screenings are done by one national vendor.

• Screenings within the U.S. are one price ($30); international screens will still be priced on a case by case basis.

• Screenings will have one master set of criteria, determined by the USCSS. State requirements that are less stringent will be superseded by the higher USCSS criteria. State requirements that are more stringent than the UCSS criteria will be additional by state.

• There will be no pre-existing or “grandfathered” clearances by affiliates honored.

• If an adverse event is reported on a screening record:
• Previous clearances by an affiliate will not be honored;
• Applicant will be notified by USA Hockey that they do or do not qualify for a review by a nationally appointed Screening committee;
• If the Screening committee does not pass the applicant, the applicant will be notified of the appeal process available;
• The determination of the USAH Appeal committee is final and cannot be appealed further; regardless of how many prior seasons an applicant has been involved.

• “How do I check my expiration date?”
• CAHA has not kept a screening log for 2 seasons.
• Any applicant can access the status of their background screening by logging into their NCSI account at: and clicking on “Status Check.”
• Coaches can check their own on the USAH portal.
• Registrars should be able to check the status of anyone affiliated with their program.

Complete the Background Screening application here: 

The 8-digit self registration ID number for all USA Hockey affiliates is: 35615801.

Resources for Background Screening

USA Hockey Screening Diagram - Determination Process.pdf

CAHA_USA Hockey Affiliate FAQ_091620.pdf

USA Hockey_background screen procedure_eff 2020-2021.pdf