Jan 29, 2020

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Chris Carcerano

Tier I & II
General Information

Tier I Application

Below please find the application for Boys and/or Girls Tier I inclusion for the 2019-20 season. The materials include the application instructions as well as referenced spreadsheets for indicating prior Tier team performance. Club submition of the application and completed spreadsheets are due to Laura Cahn via email by January 14, 2019. Laura's email address is lauracahn@yahoo.com.

2019-20 Application for Tier 1 Inclusion.pdf

Tier Team Performance.xlsx


Youth Hockey League Game Formats

The table below provides game time format details.

Level Age Group Game Time Allocation Period Minute Lenght A Single Cut Between Periods? Overtime? Shoot Out?
A/BB/B 10U-18U 1.5-hrs. 15(2) No No No
AA 12U-18U 1.5-hrs. 16(3) No No No
AAA(1) 12U-14U 1.75-hrs. 16(3) No Yes(4) Yes(5)
AAA(1) 15-18U 2-hrs. 17(3) Yes Yes(4) Yes(5)

(1) - Minimum 3-man Officiating Crew

(2) - NO running time allowed, except 3rd period for NorCal games if there is a time constraint, and for SCAHA games per "Mercy Rule."

(3) - NO running time allowed

(4) - a single 5-minute 4-on-4 and 1-goalie sudden victory

(5) - a three (3) man shootout followed by sudden victory shootout if needed.

One (1) timeout permitted per game, including games played with overtime.

The above is NOT required for exhibtion or tournament games.